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UP is a leading investment management company & private multi-family office established by Umut Emirler & David Price to serve the sophisticated needs of the rapid wealth accumulation and expanding commercial and investment opportunities in Euro-Asia Region.

UP Capital & Strategy is an independent investment company & multi-family office specializing in helping investors and businesses capitalize on the opportunities offered by the Euro-Asian market. We are a leading regional provider of strategic solutions for UHNW individuals and corporations facing complex strategic, financial, and operational issues, allowing our clients to penetrate complex, but increasingly competitive, economic, legal and regulatory environments.


Our team of experienced advisors, investment consultants, and legal officers provide a seamless end-to-end service strategically designed to anticipate and efficiently address the full range of challenges our clients will face in the evolving Euro-Asian market, including business modeling, financial engineering, diversification management, corporate finance and performance, liability, and external regulation.


Our senior advisors have more than thirty years’ experience in investment management, key stages, encompassing portfolio management, distribution, operations and risk management legs. Our mission is to provide perfectly curated investment models to encourage and facilitate active distribution across the key jurisdictions. Our solutions bring together market-leading, highly experienced, local service providers with some of the very best minds in the investment universe – providing well-managed investment products that deliver the highest levels of service and results.


Bespoke Advisory  & Management Services

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Diversification Across

Key Jurisdictions


Trust & Culture in Partnerships

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